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About us

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”Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. Let’s do it. Let’s Boho”.

Lots of colors, geometric patterns, feathers and tassels, crystals and natural stones, happy faces, full of energy, freedom, madness, LIFE.

This is BOHO. It's a state of mind, it's a way of life. 

We love bohemian style and we are so happy to share it with you! In our boutique you can find handmade leather sandals, Panama hats, fashion bags, beautiful bracelets, gorgeous earrings, amazing necklaces, lots of rings. Pretty Little Things to “boho up” your style! The materials we love are feathers, tassels, swarovski crystal stones, metal details, rhinestones, unique fabrics.... New arrivals every week,good things are coming, so stay tuned :-)

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Your smile is our smile so just smile and...


        Founder, Owner & Designer of Let’s Boho: Katerina Dimitroglou

Hey people! I am Katerina and I live in beautiful Greece! I am an actress and a professor of Greek language. I love bohemian style and I am a boho girl! I was always eager to express my creativity in different artistic ways. Being a designer was one of them. Everything started 2 years ago when I created my first sandals and custom jewelry in my spare time. While I was wearing those pieces the feedback and compliments I received were overwhelming. Many people asked me where I got them and how different they looked from other regular items you would normally buy in store.

Those encounters sparked in me the drive to make this hobby a business and start taking it serious.

This is how Let’s Boho was born! I hope you will love it, as I do :-)

“Art has no limits or rules! I believe the only thing it needs is passion and love”.